Why Study At EmployNZ?

If you are a NZ citizen or permanent resident, here are some of the reasons why EmployNZ is a great place to study.

If you are in international student, find out how we can help you here.

High Quality

EmployNZ has always been a NZQA accredited Category 1 Education Provider. We offer a modern boutique learning environment with classes that are climate controlled and noise proof.

We provide a solid platform and extra support for school leavers to transition to tertiary study, and then onto entry level roles within the ICT sector.

Smaller Class Size

Class sizes are capped to maximise your learning. We use conversational learning, meaning It is easier for you to ask questions and get answers – no more confusing lectures!

Employment Focussed

We make sure the technical skills we teach are the IT skills employers want by staying in regular contact with our ICT partners.

Our IT courses include options to work towards industry accreditation starting with CompTIA A+ and MS Windows Server Certification.

We help our graduates find employment!

Check out what our students are saying

“My experience at EmployNZ has been excellent, I don’t want the course to finish. Nicely paced learning with fantastic tutors.”  Cindy Ward
“The course has been great, the tutors I have are down to earth and know their stuff. My overall experience has been positive, I have learned tons of useful IT skills”    Jamie Kelly
“I have gained a passion for IT I didn’t even know I had. I have learned so much and I love how practical it is”    Jonathan Coleman
“The programme is really good, Im learning heaps everyday. I enjoy the content as its relevant for when I get into the employment market”    Kern Singh

Q: “What’s the difference between “Zero Fees” and “Fees Free”?”

All of our Level 1 & 2 programmes are zero-fees for New Zealanders of all ages.

This is possible because we are a Private Training Establishment (PTE), and apply for funding from the New Zealand government in order to provide our programmes.

The NZ government does not provide funding for international students, so we are unable to provide zero fees programmes to international students.

“Fees Free” is the name of a government initiative which provides the first year of your tertiary level education for free.

This doesn’t have an impact on our Level 1 & 2 programmes because those programmes are “zero fees” anyway. But it does have an impact on our Level 3, 5 & 6 programmes (we don’t provide any Level 4 programmes at this time).

To be eligible for “Fees Free” for our Level 3, 4 & 5 programmes:

  • You must be a New Zealand citizen or you have lived in New Zealand for at least 3 years while holding a residence class visa
  • You must be able to say “Yes” to 1 of the following scenarios:
    • Are you a New Zealander who has recently finished school?
    • Have you done less than half a year of education or training (including tertiary study in any other country)?
  • See the full eligibility criteria at FeesFree.govt.nz/faqs.