The NZ government has introduced a new fund to support the recovery period for New Zealand.

In our case, the fund will provide for all domestic students who are looking to enrol on approved tertiary programmes that will contribute to meeting the demand for industry related skills over the next few years.

The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) fund removes all costs for eligible programmes in targeted areas for learners, through to December 2022.

The fund is targeted towards particular industry skill needs where demand from employers for these skills will continue to be strong, or is expected to grow, during New Zealand’s recovery period from the impacts of COVID-19.

We can confirm that EmployNZ has the following programmes that are eligible for TTAF in 2021 so there will be no enrolment or tuition cost (No Fees) for students on the following programmes at EmployNZ:

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Q: “What about the Fee-Free Scheme?”

  • The Fees Free scheme will still apply to those who have completed a TTAF funded programme(s)
  • That means that enrolling on these programmes will not count towards your first year of tertiary studies so you will be able to apply for Fees Free enrolment should you chose to continue your tertiary studies
  • For more information see the Tertairy Education Commission website

Q: “What about international students?”

  • Normal fees will continue to apply for international students interested in our IT diploma programmes